Outdoor Home Trends

outdoor home trend

Here are some trends with an outdoor theme:

  • Outdoor Living Rooms

The fate of indoor living rooms is still very unclear, with some homeowners appreciating them and others seeing very little use for them when they could just as easily use the family or a media room. However, outdoor living rooms are actually starting to become more in fashion in new homes.  They have the same function as a typical indoor living room, only they are located outside.  Many of these outdoor living rooms are located on the back porch have fire pits, TV and audio systems, and furniture.

  • Energy Efficiency

It’s no secret that today’s homes are much more energy efficient than before; both because some people are concerned for the environment, and because most homeowners are attracted to the low cost of maintenance in an energy efficient home. Much of the outdoor trends we have seen in homes have to do with keeping houses more energy efficient.  For example, some beautiful water gardens in the backyard may actually use recycled water that was used indoors.

  • Outdoor Kitchens

Finally, outdoor kitchens have really taken off in the last couple of years. Grills, pizza ovens, sinks, pantries, refrigerator, countertops, bars, you name it.  If it’s in an indoor kitchen, it might as well be in an outdoor kitchen as well.  Outdoor kitchens are very beautiful and can also be cheaper to run than indoor kitchens, due to utilizing hybrid appliances that can cook with gas or wood.  Many outdoor kitchens also have gardens nearby so that homeowners can simply select fruits and vegetables from natural sources instead of pulling them out of storage.  In this regard, outdoor kitchens are more convenient than their indoor counterparts.

For a successful outdoor garden as part of your kitchen, healthy soil will be needed and the garden will need to be watered constantly. The only plants, fruits and vegetables that should be planted are those that react well to the climate.  Examples of things that can be planted include tomatoes, garlic, herbs, and peppers.

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