Basic Kitchen Remodeling Trends

kitchen remodeling

kitchen remodeling

While it definitely is true that the home renovating business took a downward spiral during the Great Recession, by 2014 it had rebounded and been at some of the highest levels that we have seen yet. Home remodeling is only expected to continue to grow well in to 2015 and beyond. Here are some of the basic kitchen remodeling trends that we saw in 2014 and should carry over into 2015 – you should also check out some local builders websites for more ideas:

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Modernizing Kitchens

– Remodeling custom kitchens are by far the most common project for remodeling homes. Last year, three out of every five homeowners who remodeled opted to remodel their homes as their primary project. As for current trends, much more modernized kitchens are in. If you want to keep up to date with style, avoid a rustic kitchen with a paint colors. Modern kitchens have flat and smooth countertops and realtors are famous for selling homes with a glossy finish, minimalist designs, and grey cabinets.

Brass Accents

– Don’t discount brass at all; it made a surprising but strong comeback in 2014 and is likely to continue on into 2015. Brass has been used for many years, but it’s evolved in 2014 to now be more polished and bright in comparison to the rustic and dull feel that it had before. New brass looks very nice in kitchens and bathrooms in particular, but doors throughout the house would also look good with brass.

Renovating Bathrooms

– Next to kitchens, master bathrooms are the most popular room in the house that homeowners choose to renovate. Just like the kitchens, bathrooms are being designed to look very modern. For example, stand up showers are becoming more popular and the bathtub is either put separate or isn’t included at all. In addition, the cabinets in new kitchens are almost always white with silver faucets. Glass tiles are also the preferred flooring in showers and in showers especially. While master bathrooms are being the most common bathrooms being renovated, guest bathrooms in the home are also being renovated in increasing numbers.

Going Green

Going green is also nothing new, but it’s also taken off in recent years. The number of homeowners who want their homes to be eco-friendly has been increasing steadily over the past few years, and now has become something very popular to do to the home. Renewable materials and brushed up furniture are fine examples of making ‘green’ homes.

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Master and Guest Suites

home design master suite

home design master suite

The number of new homes that were built in 2013 and 2014 was at some of the greatest levels the housing market has seen since the 1990s, no doubt a sign of the recovering economy following the Great Recession that hurt Americans and the housing market across the board. This means that several new homes are now available to potential homeowners, and with the resurgence in the number of homes being built, several new trends have emerged as well.

One such trend that has emerged in 2014 is to make more uses of space in master and guest bedrooms. This means making the bedrooms with larger flooring plants and essentially turning them into suites.

Master Suites

– While master suites are still in fashion, current trends see them moving away from styles that they used to be. For example, no longer are large bathtubs the norm for new master suites. Instead, the master bed and bathrooms are being made more accessible with walk in showers and closet spaces.

– In addition, the location of the master bedrooms has been moving as well. No longer is it the norm for master bedrooms to be located on a lower or higher floor. Instead, the majority of new homes built have incorporated master bedrooms into the main floor. People are seeking ways to make their bedrooms more accessible, versatile, and comfortable. That’s why creative larger bedrooms for more living spaces and making the bathrooms more functional have become the latest trend. This is also no doubt a result of people spending more time in their homes following the Great Recession. People had less money to spend which meant they could spend less time out and about in town.

Guest Suites

– Guest bedrooms have also been turning into suites as of late. Why? Because with less money on their hands, when people travel they tend to stay with friends and family in their homes instead of booking a hotel. Since guest bedrooms have essentially turned into living quarters for visitors, it makes sense that they would need to be larger and more in tune with a small hotel room than a typical, cramped guest bedroom.

Going Green

green home design

One major trend that has been seen in 2013 and 2014 is that more and more homes are going green and becoming more economical like the measures implemented into Parkline condos in Winnipeg Manitoba. In fact, the number of new homes with an emphasis on become green has doubled. Part of this is due to people’s concern for the environment, while another part of it is due to new regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency, which has mandated triple-glazed windows. Let’s take a look at some other changes that are taking place:

Recent Changes

– Since production of incandescent light bulbs ended in the beginning of 2014, new homebuilders have been forced to turn to alternative means of lighting and driveways. Once such example is LED lights. LED lights are actually cheaper and can illuminate an entire room without large lights on the ceiling or lamps.

– Another move towards going green is to change the water heaters in the home to make them more efficient. Many changes for energy efficiency have been made to save homeowners hundreds of dollars a year on water heating (HVAC Heating and Cooling).

– In fact, homes that are more energy efficient and green are actually cheaper and simpler to build. This is because energy efficient homes are easier to execute than homes with renewable energy, and due to the more inexpensive homes being built as a result, power companies will be able to monitor energy in the homes and give rebates to homeowners who use up less energy.

– The increased number of more affordable and eco-conscious homes has led to great rewards in terms of both treating the environment well and saving money for homeowners. New homeowners are making more practical choices like installing tile that’s made out of recycled materials, or choosing wood floors that are made out of formaldehyde. The most recent Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design specifications give points to homeowners who reveal what the materials in their homes are made out of. All in all, what we are seeing in new homes is something that we could have only dreamed about decades ago.

Outdoor Home Trends

outdoor home trend

Here are some trends with an outdoor theme:

  • Outdoor Living Rooms

The fate of indoor living rooms is still very unclear, with some homeowners appreciating them and others seeing very little use for them when they could just as easily use the family or a media room. However, outdoor living rooms are actually starting to become more in fashion in new homes.  They have the same function as a typical indoor living room, only they are located outside.  Many of these outdoor living rooms are located on the back porch have fire pits, TV and audio systems, and furniture.

  • Energy Efficiency

It’s no secret that today’s homes are much more energy efficient than before; both because some people are concerned for the environment, and because most homeowners are attracted to the low cost of maintenance in an energy efficient home. Much of the outdoor trends we have seen in homes have to do with keeping houses more energy efficient.  For example, some beautiful water gardens in the backyard may actually use recycled water that was used indoors.

  • Outdoor Kitchens

Finally, outdoor kitchens have really taken off in the last couple of years. Grills, pizza ovens, sinks, pantries, refrigerator, countertops, bars, you name it.  If it’s in an indoor kitchen, it might as well be in an outdoor kitchen as well.  Outdoor kitchens are very beautiful and can also be cheaper to run than indoor kitchens, due to utilizing hybrid appliances that can cook with gas or wood.  Many outdoor kitchens also have gardens nearby so that homeowners can simply select fruits and vegetables from natural sources instead of pulling them out of storage.  In this regard, outdoor kitchens are more convenient than their indoor counterparts.

For a successful outdoor garden as part of your kitchen, healthy soil will be needed and the garden will need to be watered constantly. The only plants, fruits and vegetables that should be planted are those that react well to the climate.  Examples of things that can be planted include tomatoes, garlic, herbs, and peppers.

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Bathroom Remodeling Trends

bathroom remodel design

It’s a new year and time to start fresh all over again. Have you given much thought to remodeling your home? There are some people who can never stop thinking about how they want to remodel their home, and then there are other people who set a New Year’s resolution and decide the time has come to fix up their house. For the beginning of this year, reports of remodeling trends have already begun to filter in.

Several recent studies have shown what the preferences are for remodeling bathrooms in 2014, and these same trends are likely to carry over into the new year. For one example, three out of every five homeowners who remodel choose to redo their master bathroom rather than any other bathroom in the house, and the reasons why they decided to renovate their master bathrooms was to make the bathroom more function and to upgrade the existing features within it.

Here are some of the trends for bathrooms remodeling:

– Getting Rid of Bathtubs: believe it or not, but the big bathtubs we traditionally see in bathrooms are going out of style. Last year, four out of ten homeowners who renovated opted not to include a bathtub in their bathroom.

– Use Frameless Glass: As far as showers are concerned, a majority of homeowners now prefer frameless glass over glass block.

– Make the Bathroom Be Bright: lighter and brighter colors are now in style, and allowing natural light to shine in through windows and skylights only adds to the effect.

– Multiple Showerheads: By a large margin, a majority of homeowners now prefer to have multiple showerheads in the showers at the same time. It certainly adds cost to the renovation process, but for style, it just might be worth it.

– Powder Rooms: powder rooms have become more popular as of late due to the number of accessories that can be added to them. Think hardwood floors, beautiful wallpaper, and fine looking cabinets.

– White Cabinets and Silver Faucets: If you want to stay in the trend of things, go with white colored cabinets, hands down. It’s the top choice among homeowners. In terms of faucets, go with silver faucets that are either polished chrome or brushed nickel. When thinking about renovating your cabinets and faucets, just think white and silver, and you’ll stay in the trend.