Bathroom Remodeling Trends

bathroom remodel design

It’s a new year and time to start fresh all over again. Have you given much thought to remodeling your home? There are some people who can never stop thinking about how they want to remodel their home, and then there are other people who set a New Year’s resolution and decide the time has come to fix up their house. For the beginning of this year, reports of remodeling trends have already begun to filter in.

Several recent studies have shown what the preferences are for remodeling bathrooms in 2014, and these same trends are likely to carry over into the new year. For one example, three out of every five homeowners who remodel choose to redo their master bathroom rather than any other bathroom in the house, and the reasons why they decided to renovate their master bathrooms was to make the bathroom more function and to upgrade the existing features within it.

Here are some of the trends for bathrooms remodeling:

– Getting Rid of Bathtubs: believe it or not, but the big bathtubs we traditionally see in bathrooms are going out of style. Last year, four out of ten homeowners who renovated opted not to include a bathtub in their bathroom.

– Use Frameless Glass: As far as showers are concerned, a majority of homeowners now prefer frameless glass over glass block.

– Make the Bathroom Be Bright: lighter and brighter colors are now in style, and allowing natural light to shine in through windows and skylights only adds to the effect.

– Multiple Showerheads: By a large margin, a majority of homeowners now prefer to have multiple showerheads in the showers at the same time. It certainly adds cost to the renovation process, but for style, it just might be worth it.

– Powder Rooms: powder rooms have become more popular as of late due to the number of accessories that can be added to them. Think hardwood floors, beautiful wallpaper, and fine looking cabinets.

– White Cabinets and Silver Faucets: If you want to stay in the trend of things, go with white colored cabinets, hands down. It’s the top choice among homeowners. In terms of faucets, go with silver faucets that are either polished chrome or brushed nickel. When thinking about renovating your cabinets and faucets, just think white and silver, and you’ll stay in the trend.