Top Structural Design Trends



The number of homes being built has seen steady growth in the recent years since the Great Recession.  With more homes being built, we have seen new trends in architecture and structural designs.

  • Relaxation

Much of the architecture in modern day homes as to do with relaxation. Many homeowners view their homes as their only chance to get away from the world.  As a result, people are having homes built with more open floor spaces, tranquil designs, and roomy bathrooms and showers.


  • Open Kitchen

In previous homes, the kitchen would be located near the back of the house and be smaller. Now, the kitchen is located on a more open floor space and is more of a multitasking room than an actual kitchen.  In fact, the kitchen is essentially the center of the house.  It’s where kids can do their homework, where parents can pay the bills and work, where families and friends can socialize, and where meals can be prepared.  No doubt, in the vast majority of homes to be built in the future the kitchen will serve as the focal point of the house.


  • Traditional Designs

As far as actual architecture is concerned, many homeowners are pursing more traditional home designs. For example, gables, front columns and big porches became more normal in 2014 and likely will continue to become so in 2015.  Much of the architecture that we see in modern homes today is reminiscent of mid century homes.


  • European Designs

Believe it or not, but many U.S architects today have been constructing homes with a European design. European design homes are passive homes that are made to work with the outside climate.  For example, if a home is constructed in an area where there is much natural sunlight, the home would be built with large windows so that the sun could shine through and heat up the home without extra energy.  This means that not only are European-themed homes more energy efficient, they are significantly cheaper to maintain as well.

Basic Kitchen Remodeling Trends

kitchen remodeling

kitchen remodeling

While it definitely is true that the home renovating business took a downward spiral during the Great Recession, by 2014 it had rebounded and been at some of the highest levels that we have seen yet. Home remodeling is only expected to continue to grow well in to 2015 and beyond. Here are some of the basic kitchen remodeling trends that we saw in 2014 and should carry over into 2015 – you should also check out some local builders websites for more ideas:

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Modernizing Kitchens

– Remodeling custom kitchens are by far the most common project for remodeling homes. Last year, three out of every five homeowners who remodeled opted to remodel their homes as their primary project. As for current trends, much more modernized kitchens are in. If you want to keep up to date with style, avoid a rustic kitchen with a paint colors. Modern kitchens have flat and smooth countertops and realtors are famous for selling homes with a glossy finish, minimalist designs, and grey cabinets.

Brass Accents

– Don’t discount brass at all; it made a surprising but strong comeback in 2014 and is likely to continue on into 2015. Brass has been used for many years, but it’s evolved in 2014 to now be more polished and bright in comparison to the rustic and dull feel that it had before. New brass looks very nice in kitchens and bathrooms in particular, but doors throughout the house would also look good with brass.

Renovating Bathrooms

– Next to kitchens, master bathrooms are the most popular room in the house that homeowners choose to renovate. Just like the kitchens, bathrooms are being designed to look very modern. For example, stand up showers are becoming more popular and the bathtub is either put separate or isn’t included at all. In addition, the cabinets in new kitchens are almost always white with silver faucets. Glass tiles are also the preferred flooring in showers and in showers especially. While master bathrooms are being the most common bathrooms being renovated, guest bathrooms in the home are also being renovated in increasing numbers.

Going Green

Going green is also nothing new, but it’s also taken off in recent years. The number of homeowners who want their homes to be eco-friendly has been increasing steadily over the past few years, and now has become something very popular to do to the home. Renewable materials and brushed up furniture are fine examples of making ‘green’ homes.

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