Master and Guest Suites

home design master suite

home design master suite

The number of new homes that were built in 2013 and 2014 was at some of the greatest levels the housing market has seen since the 1990s, no doubt a sign of the recovering economy following the Great Recession that hurt Americans and the housing market across the board. This means that several new homes are now available to potential homeowners, and with the resurgence in the number of homes being built, several new trends have emerged as well.

One such trend that has emerged in 2014 is to make more uses of space in master and guest bedrooms. This means making the bedrooms with larger flooring plants and essentially turning them into suites.

Master Suites

– While master suites are still in fashion, current trends see them moving away from styles that they used to be. For example, no longer are large bathtubs the norm for new master suites. Instead, the master bed and bathrooms are being made more accessible with walk in showers and closet spaces.

– In addition, the location of the master bedrooms has been moving as well. No longer is it the norm for master bedrooms to be located on a lower or higher floor. Instead, the majority of new homes built have incorporated master bedrooms into the main floor. People are seeking ways to make their bedrooms more accessible, versatile, and comfortable. That’s why creative larger bedrooms for more living spaces and making the bathrooms more functional have become the latest trend. This is also no doubt a result of people spending more time in their homes following the Great Recession. People had less money to spend which meant they could spend less time out and about in town.

Guest Suites

– Guest bedrooms have also been turning into suites as of late. Why? Because with less money on their hands, when people travel they tend to stay with friends and family in their homes instead of booking a hotel. Since guest bedrooms have essentially turned into living quarters for visitors, it makes sense that they would need to be larger and more in tune with a small hotel room than a typical, cramped guest bedroom.